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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John Mayer again :)

John Mayer Concert

I went to another John Mayer concert. We had hit another one of his shows last year.... in the beginning of his18 month tour. LOVE John Mayer!! This show of his blew us away..even better than his last...simply amazing. He is so talented.....the musicians he had on stage doing solo's were SO talented as well! He did an old Jimi Hendrix cover....nailed it and then did a 20 min guitar solo of Hendrix....I was blown away. From start to finish the show was just amazing and we had such awesome seats as well....so happy I got to see his last show of this tour!

Other than that I did some shooting last week for my site *evil grin* ;)))I can't wait to get the content!
I hung out with some good friends this past weekend....fun times.
OHHH and can't forget about my stupid cat bite....gggrrrr I'm sure most of you read that on my twitter, I got bit by a cat (not my sweet kitties)...the bite was pretty bad. I had to go and get Xrays...thankfully the bite did not go to my bone....though it did crush alot of my tissue and get infected....it hurt like hell! I had no idea how dangerous a cat bite could be...doc explained it all.. Apparently the salivia & bacteria from a cats mouth is exteremly dangerous....so if you ever get bit by a cat....you need to get on antibiotics right away to kill any infection. I was put on antibiotics
for a week....specific for bites. UGH I hate these antibiotics...they are like horse pills and they're so strong. I dred taking them twice a day...every time I take them, I get sick....and I even eat a full mean before I take them. ughhhh nausea and a bad stomach ache...and just when I start to feel better....I have to take the next pill grrrrr. I cant wait till I am done with them....thankfully I only a few more days left.

Anyhoo...have a great day everyone and I hope you are enjoying the latest video I posted of my gf Kendra & I. If you are not already a member of my site then hurry up & CLICK HERE to join now and watch all my naughty videos!!


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