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Friday, August 20, 2010

My B-day was a Blast!!

So last week was my birthday week. I prefer to celebrate the week rather than just the day...lol I celebrated my b-day night with Bobby (my bf) a bunch of our friends at our favorite bar with lots of Jager..yum. The next day I had mine and my bf's family over for a big party.... with lots of yummy catered Italian food from my favorite place!! Everything was great and so much fun...spending my birthday with close friends and family is the perfect b-day to me :)

I do have to give bonus point to my bf....even though he is always wonderful & appreciative of me.....this gets a gold star!
He went out of his way to make my b-day week extra special. He surpise me with something thoughtful each day. I'm obsessed with pillow pets..lol...so I would find those hiding in certain spots through-out our house each day. I'd be surprised with little romantic cards, 3 dozen roses, flowers, choc covered strawberries...this went on all week....leading up to my b-day. He put alot of thought and love into making my b-day week a great one.....I'm grateful and flattered!. Its so refreshing to finally have such a sane, wonderful, real man in my life :))))))))))

Now.....as far as you members and some non members....oh my god...a HUGE thank you for all the gifts, cards, e-gift and ups boxes I received. I am so thankful!!!!! Big kisses and hugs to all of you....you know who you are :D

On another note....I hope you are all enjoying the newest gallery I posted in my members area of me & my gf Kendra *evil grin*. I look forward to the next time she chains my hands up ;)
Have a great weekend everyone....mine starts now & few of my favey friends are coming in town to visit me!!!! xoxoxo


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