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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Palm Island

Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
So my honey decided to surprise me with a romantic weekend getaway to Little Palm Island. He rocks! Let me tell you...romantic is an understatement....this place is a little slice of heaven. Although the island isn't that big...you hardly ever see any other couples. It was almost like we had this whole big island to ourselves!
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
The weather was georgous...did some boating, kajaking....drank cocktails while lounging in the beautiful water aahhhhh...I loved it!! Actually...I wish I was back there right now :(
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
The island had so many Key Deer on it. First time I've seen these deers...they are about the size of a 40pd dog. They swim over daily from the other islands to hang out...or to be fed lol So cute & friendly...they let us hand feed them and pet them. I really wanted to bring one home with me!!

The food on the island was amazing. We had the experience of having dinner in the kitchen one night with the chefs. We watched them prepare us a 7 course meal....of the chefs favorite dishes.. OMG it was so delicious...I couldn't breathe I was so stuffed!
So to sum up my weekend...it was PERFECT and if you haven't been to Little Palm Island...then you need to go!

On another note...see you members in my live show tomorrow :) xoxo


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