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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lexi Lapetina & Ava Addams Spice
AAhhh Its been a while since I wrote a blog....sorry bout that ;) If your a member of my site then you know I've been keeping up with you through my Video Blogs ;)

Sooooo whats happening with me....I got to shoot with a cutie named Kendra last week. I let her spank me around a bit... ha ha Can't wait to show you the content from that ;) Speaking of spanking....the pic above is from the latest gallery posted.... in the members area of my site. I get a little naughty with Ava Addams....and violate her with what is attached to the end of that black tube *evil grin*.

I got Skully's ashes back...along with his paw print :( Totally sucks...I miss my boys so much....but at least now they are back together. I had them from an adorable 6 weeks old....watched them grow up...and then watched them grow old and pass away. I love animals so much but going through this kinda makes me not want to get anymore. Skully went through a tough fight with Cancer....broke my heart....and he was so rail thin before he passed. Look at the Urns...they size went according to weight....you can see how much smaller Skully's is than Zeus's. Ugh anyway....loosing a pet just sucks...period.

Other than that I've been running around...taking care of my usually million things. I finally saw the movie Zombieland. I thought for the longest time it was going to be such a horrible movie...it was hysterical. I loved it....so silly and funny. Watch it if you haven't already. OHHH and I hope all you daddy's out there had a wonderful Father's Day!

Can't wait to see you all in my live shows this week :) If you are not already a member of my site...then hurry up and Join Now!!

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Anonymous Rjmoons said...

You give great blog! ;)
Sorry about Skully.
Luv ya!!

June 22, 2010 at 2:00 PM  

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