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Monday, May 3, 2010

Key West

Lexi Lapetina in Key West
Hiiii...Im back and still in one piece :) I hope you all enjoyed my drunky twitters this past weekend....as much as I enjoyed your twit & email replies to me...lmao..you all crack me up!
Lexi Lapetina in Key West
I took a break from reality & work.....and headed to Key West....with my bf for the weekend. There was a song writers fest going on that we wanted to check out... and its just another excuse to misbehave....since I do that so well..he he :D

Lexi Lapetina in Key West
I also went into the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum... for the first time...holy crapped there are some freaky things in there. The one that bugged me out the most was the man that married a corpse..I'm sorry that is just so twisted. He was a very sick man..lol

Lexi Lapetina in Key West
So...needless to say.....we tore up that town....the weekend was an absolute blast! Plus...I got to meet up with my gf Lisa - muffin - luvbug....whatever...I have so many names for her..lol Anyway...she ended up going there for the event as well with a bunch of other people. So it was a good time...the whole weekend!
Lexi Lapetina in Key West
I will be doing a live show this week so members dont forget to check the schedule. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a fab week!
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