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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Lexi Lapetina
So..... I went to a wild & very naughty party this past week...he he ;) All us girls were dressed in sexy leather outfits.....I wore this tight leather corset that was sooo damn sexy ;) It was so heavy, it felt like I was wearing armor & I couldn't breathe to well but ...........I still loved it and after a couple hours we were all running around naked anyway..lol
Lexi Lapetina in leather
The weather has been absolutly beautiful here this week!! I have been trying to free myself from my computer as much as I can.... so I can be outside. This is my favorite weather to go running or biking in...I seriously could do it all day long if my muscles would allow it....lol The girls & I have a pool & mimosa's day planned...should be fun and more ha haaa ;))))

Hockey Game
Also went to a Hockey game this week w/ my honey :) It was a good time....I love going to the games :)
Ok...I got some running around to do...see you all in my live show this week.
Lexi Lapetina & Idelsy
P.S.....I got alot of great feedback from the latest Candid video I posted of me and my gf Idelsy. I'm glad youse are all enjoying it...we had a blast. If you are not a member of my site, then Click Here to Join now so you can watch this video.

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Anonymous Luis said...

Hi Lexi, well I don't know what to say in this moment, I've never been in contact with you, this is my first time, I just wan't to say that you are a BEATIFUL WOMEN and a beautiful person, I know you by your website and I read about you, you are a pretty girl Lexi and a Lovely women, I just wanted to say that:) bye I Love You Lexi!

April 2, 2010 at 5:06 AM  

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