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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sirius Radio & more...

Lexi Lapetina, Ava Addams & Renna Ryans...Pumpkin Picking
I went Pumpkin Picking :) I'm a sucka for the holiday season....I love it. Just wait till Christmas comes around....I go nuts! So me, Ava Addams and Renna Ryann's thought it would be fun to spend the day together and film it for members of our site. We did lunch, pumpkin picking, pumpkin decorating....and filmed it all....I must say we were quite entertaining....ha ha We went a little nuts on the pumpkin....we bought so many...lol I will have that video posted in my site this week!
Pumpkin Picking
My week and weekend was busy...mixed with work, house work, pleasure, friends, laughs and lovin.
Girls Nite
Friday night I went out with a few of my girlfriends...we were invited to an event and had VIP. It ended up being a realllllly great night!
Girls Nite

I have now learned that vodka does crazy things to us girls...things that good girls shouldn't do...lmao
We left the club around 3am...went back to my house and lets just say....it was round 2 with a bonus cherry on top. Something was a first for me *evil grin*

So this weekend was also "The Sweetest Day" holiday. I have never heard of this before but my LuvBug Lisa celebrates it and told me all about it. It's basically a holiday just to annoy men...lol Its a mini Valentine's day...it started in Michigan just because woman love to love.....and most men resemble the tinman at times. So LuvBug and I decided to celebrate it together.....and I must say we had a wonderful date. Dinner, movie, shopping, love and snuggling....it was perfect :)

This week I'm heading to Tampa to spend some time with DJ, Janessa Brazil and Idelsy.....we'll be at Janessa's house and all of us girls will be shooting together as well.....I seriously can't wait!!!!! No seriously....I can't wait!
Plus....I am also going to be on Sirius Radio - Bubba the Love Sponge show w/ Janessa on Friday morning. So don't forget to Tune in....should be lots of fun!!!!

I have a live show tonight so if you are not already a member of my site CLICK HERE to join now!

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