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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My B-day Party & Skully news

Diamond James, Lexi Lapetina & Sapphira Chanel
Thanks to my AWESOME friends...I had a great birthday party this past weekend!! My party was outta control (as usual) and we partied all night long ....had *SO* much damn fun!!
If you're a member of my site, I'm sure you were watching my spy cams and noticed that I had a house full of friends all weekend....some came in from outta town and stayed all weekend.....I feel special
and I miss them already. COME BACK!!!
Janessa Brazil & Lexi Lapetina

Skully (my dog) had his surgery a few days ago He has these big lumps around his mouth & on his eye. They seem to be spreading fairly quick. They didn't remove the lumps.....just incase they're cancerous....they did not want it to spread even more. Instead they just biopsied them......well, the results came in yesterday and its not good. He has cancer and apparently it seems to be spreading quick. They give him about 6 months to live. Imagine how I felt hearing that.....on top of just loosing my other dog about a month ago. I understand they're old (but not that old) & they're siblings but.... how crazy is this timing?! Sigh....
So, they mentioned chemo to me but did not recommend it. They said with his type of cancer at most, chemo will put him in remission for only about 6 months. They also said at his age they doubt that he could even handle the chemo and it will probably make him so ill. The other option they gave me was pain meds...injections. He will get weekly injections so that he never feels any pain... and let him live until its his time. This is all *SO* upsetting to me. Right now he seems fine...happy....so I guess my goal is to try and keep myself together....give him lotsa love and keep him happy as hell until its his time.

Anyhoo....have a great weekend everyone and "members" don't forget to check the schedule for tonights show. Also....I am scheduling our next "Quarters" game/show for next week....betta brush up on your skills!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi lex,
i was just checking in with your blog, it's the place where i get all of my sexy information! (thanks!)... and i read about skully...

i'm sorry to hear that...and as you say with it still being so close to zeus's passing.

life can be so weird that way...especially with the lives of dogs. we lost our pup similarly...

i agree, keeping skully pain-free and happy...is a great way to give him quality with you versus quantity...which sometimes in our culture can be the default option...i think we are sometimes kinder to our animals than to people in these circumstances.

on a lighter side, i hope you had a wonderful birthday and summer for that matter...i really appreciate reading the blog and checking in to see what lexi is up to...i guess i am living vicariously through the erotic neighbor!! ;-)

take care,
a distant admirer

September 7, 2009 at 10:20 PM  

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