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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bike Week in Sturgis

Lexi Lapetina - Bike Week in Sturgis
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes, cards and gifts that I have received. I'm so grateful and flattered.....a BIG FAT KISS to all u's!! PLUS...I got such a kick out of all the singing videos I got...lol It made me happy that you members listened to my request that I talked about in my VBlog....he he xoxoxoxo

This past few weeks have been a bit hectic...I was away for most of it. First I was in NY to visit my family and friends. I had a great time but like always, seems like it flew by and I miss them already :(

Then I flew to meet some friends in Sturgis, SD for Bike week. Holy crap was that a BLAST...just what I needed to lift my spirits a bit! I've never been to a "bike week" before so it was alot to take in....geeeez never seen so many bikes in my life! It really was alot of fun and we all partied hard

Bike Week in Sturgis

Bike Week in Sturgis
The view in Soith Dakota was absolutely georgous! Such an awesome feeling riding on the bike.... through the mountains...sun shining... wind on your face.....view is just so SO beautiful. Florida has zero views....it's totally flat here....sucks! So....both trips were great!

This week Skully (my dog) goes into surgery for his eye. He has a red bubble growing on his bottom eye lid...they need to cut it out and biopsy it...not sure what it is. They say it could be a tumor but I'm *crossing* my fingers that it's not!

Have a great weekend everyone....I know I will....DJ's coming to visit!!!
Bike Week in Sturgis

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