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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tid Bits

Lexi Lapetina's Booty

1. Something you really enjoying doing? Biking
2. Do you believe in Karma? Absolutely
3. Are you a party girl? I'm at my best when partying :-)
4. Spit or Swallow - Facial please
5. What was the last thing you ate? A cold cut sandwich
6. You've been told? That I'm a good kisser
7. How are you at giving head? I haven't had any complaints
. The close people in your life? Understand me, love me & accept me
9. Would you take your clothes off for money - ha ha!
10. People's first impression of you is? Usually the wrong one
11. Are you girly or a tom boy? a little of both
12. Man or a woman? Crave women...need men
13. Do you feel 100% comfortable in your own skin? I do
14. You are? Good hearted
15. Do you kiss and tell? Thats tough, considering my site.....but sometimes I don't tell
16. Did you do something crazy last weekend? uummm yep....and I'm not telling :p
17. People in general? All have issues
18. Are you loving? I can be very loving to those who deserve it.
19. Do you care if people judge you? No...that's their fault
20. Easiest way to your heart? There is no easy way


Monday, April 27, 2009

Seether & Nickelback Concert

I saw Seether and Nickelback in concert this past weekend. Seether was awesome.....this was my second time seeing them live...
they rock.

Then came Nickelback.....who I was totally impressed with ...holy crap what a great show they put on! The singer, Chad Kroeger, is an absolute nut (in a good way)....he was cracking me up w/ the shit he was saying....very interactive with the audience. Was a good time!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happppie Friday :p

Lexi Lapetina Facial
Here's a cellphone picture I snapped of myself.....how do ya like that mess on my face I love it....and I took it pretty deep, which makes me happy...ha ha

This is the video update that I posted in my site today...its a naughty one so ENOY!
You must be a member to watch it so....if you're not...then Click Here to Join Now!

I hope youse all have a wonderful weekend.... and make sure you behave

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Key West

WOW what an AWESOME time I had in Key West

I left off with my last blog post, telling youse that I was excited about my spontaneous idea. Well, Thursday night I thought it would be a great idea if me & Al dropped everything and just went to the keys for the weekend. With a lil help from my fab friends B & Alexx , we got him to agree! Friday morning we were off!

lexi lapetina - public nudity in key west

This was seriously one of the BEST trips I have ever taken! Everything was perfect.....perfect weather , perfect group of friends , perfect sexual energy , no drama, endless supply of alcohol, great laid back vibes in the keys...we all had such a blast that we extended our trip anotha day. Its gonna be real hard to top this trip.....good times to remember!!

We ended up making sum new friends, and we met a local hottie & I got her number....would you expect anything else from us...lol. Whenever we get together with our friends....we are like a hurricane that swoops in....makes things crazy, and then leaves So to conclude...we are already planning our next trip :p

Lexi Lapetina Big Tits
I have a bunch of pictures from the trip, I posted them in the candids section of the members area - Click Here to view them. I also have video from it too, once I get that edited I will post it as well.

I will see you all in my live cam show today. If you not already a member....then Click Here to Join Now

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Have a Dirty Weekend :p

I just wanted to wish you all a dirty weekend

I didn't have any special plans, up until a couple hours ago, when I thought up a spontaneous idea, and then convinced Al (w/ a lil help from my friends), that it would be in his best interest to just say yes
I'm still shocked that our manipulation worked on him...but I'm sure he is going to make me work it off sexually ...he'll think of something filthy that he wants me to do, and I will be a good girl, and do it

So now I am in a total rush and very excited...will give all details later.

I just posted a new gallery in the members area...above is a sample pic from it. If you're not already a member....then Click Here to Join Now, for all the naughtiness ur little heart can handle

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DJ's B-day

This past weekend me, Al and a couple friends drove up to Orlando to celebrate my sugar muffin's birthday!!
Its been a few months since DJ and I have seen each other too long and I hate that...I wish we lived closer.
So the party was fab, and I got to see a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in years (we live far apart), which was SO awesome!!! I also got to meet Janessa Brazil (blue dress), who is hot as hell...damn! She was very cool....good spirit, good energy and a good kisser

We partied all night and had a blast. Well...all of us, except Alexx, partied all night....she gets a big fat FAIL for getting sick. We all started drinking at about 6pm and by 10pm she was sick & couch bound. WTF! I was so sad that my girl missed all the naughtiness! So me & B (her hubby) took it upon ourselves to fuck with her.....all outta pure love

DJ and I both hooked up our spy cams and broadcasted the whole party live....so I hope you members enjoyed that! Things got a lil crazy (as usual), & I got it all on tape for youse! See, I did not fail with the camera this time....ha ha I downloaded the video yesterday, and it is hysterical! Once its all edited, I will post it.
Oh and....today is DJ's actual birthday so Happpppie Birthday boobie!
I heart you xoxo

This past weekend really was alot of fun, and much needed, after the horrible week I just had. I hope you all had a great Easter! Mine was spent in a car, hungover, driving home...lol
N....I got all your emails telling me about the feast of food youse all ate...thanks alot...bastards

Also...I got some great feedback so far about the newest DigitalBombshell Ava Addams. I am glad youse like her....I am posting her candid interview video today...its cute and witty so don't forget to check that out.

Have a great week everyone!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Time stood still for me on Thursday when I got the horrifying call that my dad was currently in an ambulance, being rushed to the hospital for his heart.

I'm not going to go into all the details and I don't know the proper medical terms but...his levels were so off that they almost needed a Defibrillator to jump start his heart. So, a long and emotional story short....he is now recovering well. Words can't even express my emotions, but I can now finally breathe again.

As I mentioned, in one of my lastest VBlogs...my family has been through alot these past 2 yrs....and this all just adds to it. I tell ya....its like I always say....appreciate what you have, because in the blink of an eye, if could all change!

Also...all the emails & twitter replies....thanks so much for all your kind words & blessings, I'm grateful. :)
I probably wouldn't have even opened my mouth about any of this, if I didn't need to cancel my cam show on youse...

So....on a happier note, I hope you all (whom ever celebrates it) have a wonderful Easter and eat lots of chocolate bunnnnnnies... and speaking of chocolate....Al was eating these mini Dove chocolates...and I just love the little sayings it has under the wrappers (pic above)....how cute is that :)

Anyhoo....gonna be celebrating DJ's special day today....things are certain to get a little crazy.....stand by, and I will be sure to show you the evidence...lol

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I like...so I share

Your eyes can shift from love to hate, serenity to jealousy, in an instant. This happens every time you react to a given situation. The key to controlling your glances is found in a concept called resistance. Namely you resist the desire to react to instinctive impulses. Not only does this action of resistance prevent you from casting angry or jealous eyes at another person, it also helps you achieve your purpose in life.


The moment you resist a reactive egocentric response, you find your true self - a proactive soul. That means you find the Light and fulfillment in that specific circumstance. When you react, you are not a creator. You are simply an effect. The person or situation that caused you to react is the cause. But when you resist reaction, you are now the cause of your emotion and the creator of your consciousness. That means fulfillment is now free to flow to you.

- Yehuda Berg

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wheel of Debauchery

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ok, me, Al, and a couple of friends thought up an idea to make a wheel of Debauchery... as if our party nights aren't crazy enough

Its sorta like playing the wheel of fortune... except instead of playing for money, we play for alcohol...lol. First, you spin the wheel, and then roll the dice to see what person you have. Al, my lil builder, made the actual wheel, and my gf Alexx made the pie pieces (double header, free)... which are interchangeable. So we can start the game off sweet, with massages, and as the game progresses, we are doing some naughty shit

So we gathered a bunch of our friends this weekend, in honor of the wheel...lol. I can't tell you how much damn fun we all had... a dirty little blast! I've got alot more to tell you about my week & weekend, but its too much to type, so I will talk about everything in this weeks Members Only VBlog.

I will see you all in my Live show today xoxoxo. If you are not already a member, then you are missing all the naughty perks!!! JOIN NOW!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live Fetish show at Exxxotica

Next month I will be performing live with my good friend....fetish,latex model Rubberdoll, at Exxxotica Miami. We did a kickass fetish show last year and this years will be even better!!! This show will involve a cage....as you can see from Al's rough sketch above, he's building it for us. I can't wait!!!!

If you are going to be at Exxxotica this year then you BETTER come see me ;-). I had a blast at last years...I met so many hot chicks, members, fans, foot fans...I met Idesly So needless to say, I am very excited for this years!

Also, if you are not already a member of my forum.......Click Here to register...its FREE and its where all the cool people hang out...ha ha :p

Happy Fool's Day!!!

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