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Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Patty's Day

I hope you all had a great St Patty's Day. Mine was fun! I never usually go out and celebrate but my girlfriend Alex insisted, and she knows what's best for me.......(FWD TEXT: so Tuesday's st. Patrick's day + it's a moral imperative to drink ourselves silly. I bought socks for the occasion. where're we goin?)............plus, I mean...she bought socks for the occasion....how could I not go! lmao :p

So Al and I met a few friends out and ended up having a really fun night! I went out thinking I'd be home and in bed by 11pm so I could start my day early the next morning.....that didn't happen.....as usual. Once you get me out and going....all bets are off ;) Actually around 11pm I was doing a Mind Eraser and 2 shots...lol! Which I am surprised I was not hugging the porcelain god that night because shots usually make me sick as a dog.

Speaking of Mind Eraser....thanks to all of you for coming to my rescue from my tweet....can't believe the bartender had no idea how to make it..duh The drink was good but STRONG! I'm kinda a wuss when it comes to hard liquor....unless its like a Strawberry Daiquiri or something weak....I'd rather stick to my Corona's. My tolerance level sucks, so it doesn't take me much to get drunk (like 3 drinks), and you have to drink the Mind Eraser as fast as you can......needless to say I was feeling no pain after that...lol
All was good and fun that night, I heart my friends, they always make me smile.....so I'm glad I went out.

Yesterday I felt totally off....I'm sure its cause I'm not used to drinking or partying during the week. Its usually only a weekend thing for me and on top of that, it was overcast and pouring rain all day. The weather controls so much of my mood....when its overcast and raining all day...all I want to do is pop in a movie and snuggle in bed....which is essentially what I ended up doing. Oh and I should mention the highlight of my sluggish day was Al fucking (or shall I say pounding) me from behind while pulling my hair and smacking my ass......that was sweet pleasure and a fabulous O!

Now I'm going to do some video editing and then get some things ready for my shoot this week. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you tonightin my Members Only Show!
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