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Monday, March 2, 2009

My Weekend

Wow... what a great weekend I had :)

Friday night me and Al went out to celebrate a friends B-day. The night was simply awesome...lots of craziness & nakedness....my friends are so damn fun ;)
Surprinsingly I did not get sick....considering I was drinking those sweet slushy drinks all night. Those drinks are sooo yummy and they were loaded with 100% grain alcohol. I was lit after 2...lol
So we partied all night...had a blast and never made it home.

Then Saturday night another one of our friends was having a house party....a naughty house party...he he
It was totally my kinda weekend...parties, naked bodies, sex, hot chicks, alcohol, great friends....all good times :p

I'll talk more details when I post this weeks VBlog....now I'm going to run some errands. xoxox

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