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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I always have a collection of knots in my back, due to working out. It sucks cause they are so uncomfortable and give me pain. Kinda feels like a constant build up of pressure....and like I need my back cracked every hour. The one thing that relieves all this pressure is getting sports massages, where they basically break up the knots. Last night, no matter what I did, I just couldn't get comfy in bed because of this huge ass knot I have....so I pulled a voucher card on Al....and used it for a sports massage rather then a sexual massage. Unless doing sports massages is your profession...it kinda sucks (in my opinion)...its alot of work and your fingers feel as if they are going to break off. Anyhoo...he did a really good job on my back and worked on it for a long time till I felt better. He broke up alot...yuck kinda grosses me out when I feel and hear the knots breaking up inside my body...lol

An yes...I said voucher :) A while back my girlfriend got me hooked on "Lovers Vouchers". They're alot of fun...lots of sexual kinky ones, silly ones, and domestic ones....and they are so cute cause each voucher has rules and guildlines that go along with them...lol Try your local sex store....they may sell them. Al and I are totally addicted to them...we now use vouchers for everything...lmao Except he stole the fantasy voucher....lil' bastard.....grrrrr. Waiting to see when and what he's got in store for me, with that one :p

Okay...I'm going to get ready for my members only show tonight....I am horrrrrrrny today ;)

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