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Friday, February 6, 2009

Have a good weekend

Holy crap it has been so cold in Florida this week...30's!!! I know, I know...its much colder in other states but really, this is like freezing for FL. I actually used my heat for the first time, I think ever, while living in the sunshine state. The ONLY thing that is bothering me about the cold is that my nose keeps running and it's driving me nuts...I am starting to look like Rudolph....ha ha

This week I shot clip requests for my fetish store, which I love doing....I guess because they are always so twisted and naughty, it gives me a smile. he he
Other than that I have been doing computer work and planning/scheduling shit...which takes up so much time...ugh. I am also backed up on editing content for my site, which I need to do ASAP or you all wont be happy campers :p I don't have any plans for Saturday so, that will give me time to catch up on things......since last Saturday I spent the entire day and night on the couch recovering from partying and having sex with my friends. ;)

Speaking of sex...me and Al seem to be having this orgasm problem with one of our sex positions. How can I explain this position that feels so fucking good it drives me insane.... ok, I am laying on my back with my butt propped up in the air....Al is on top of me, sorta kneeling....our legs are inter-twinded. Ya follow? Well anyway, the position gets his cock REALLY deep inside of me to where it just feels so amazing....we both cannot last long, that "O" comes in like 20 seconds...lol   The problem is,  we keep clashing and having to cum at the same time....I know your thinking --what's the problem, it sounds hot--, well I wont let him cum inside of me because I dont want any babies in my life right now nor will I take any chances....so he has to pull out when he cums. Do you see my dilemma here...we both start to cum at the same time....he tries to fight it but fails b/c it feels so damn good....lol..... and then  pulls out while I am right at the start or middle of my orgasm. UUGGHHH.... having him pull his cock out of me while that is happening totally changes the feeling of my intense O!! Last night we had this problem again and I was literally hitting his arm fighting him not to cum...lol.... it was very comical :lol:

I'll let you know when we figure out a way to control out bodies in action.... ha ha.

Anyhoot thats it for now, enjoy your weekend xoxoxo

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