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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make-up Sex

Make-up show/sex was great last night :P Although my bum is still hurting from the spankins Al gave me :oops: as per all your requests.....but I took my punishment like a champ...lol

For those of you that missed last nights makeup Members Only show....I will be posting the archive next week.

Ahhh the weather has been so fab this whole week in Florida....it actually got down to 39 degrees!!  We get a few days here and there when it gets that low, and I cherish them...lovvvve Florida winters.  Today its back up to 75....not bad but I'd still prefer if it was cooler.

I don't really have plans this weekend....I've got so much work and editing to catch up on so, I will probably be in front of my computer most of the time.  Hope you all have a great weekend xoxoxxx

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