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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gooble Gooble

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Mine was and my turkey came out so yummy ;-)

This week has been so hectic for me....I had family in town and haven't been home much....but I did of course, participate in the yearly Black Friday shopping.  This time I had my mentor (mom) with me...ha ha  She has trained me well.....we shopped from 3:30am till 4pm!!! We rock...lmao  Not many can do it...its in our blood...lol

I also went to the Madonna concert this week and it was AWESOME...she put on such an amazing, high energy show. 

Alright....I'll fill ya in on more in this weeks VBlog.  Enjoy your Sunday  xoxoxo


Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Ink

aahhh you boys are very perceptive....I got your emails ;-) I see you noticed my new ink from my last show. 

Like most of my tattoos...its spiritual with a deep meaning to me.  The word is "Accountability" written in Hebrew....one of the 72 names of god.  Its meaning = for ever action there is a reaction....karma will come back in full force if you do wrong.  We cannot let our ego get in the way and react with wrong or selfish intentions.  Any wrong done to us, any pain or turmoil going on in our lives, can be a result of a negative action we took, at some point in our life and/or lifetimes...the effect of a cause that we ourselves initiated. The key is to accept and to not wallow in self pity or hold on to the pain.....if we do that, we are only holding ourselves back from bettering
our life and moving to a new level of fulfillment.

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