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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a great time with Idelsy last night in our live show!!!  I really hope you all enjoyed it as well ;)  The only crappy part was me feeling a bit under-the-weather ;(  I have a bad head cold, which sucks....I am completely congested...BAH

Other than that, everything was great and we will definitely be doing more shows together!!  I will be posting the archived video this Friday.

On another note........My girlfriend who was just here visiting from NY, sent me this email the other day. I am so flattered by it....I have permission to share......

I had a few revelations this weekend. 

First off... your house is like camp Sex! its hard to articulate but if a house could make you feel sexy; its yours. whether its your house, your attitudes, the idea of being watched, my newfound connection with ant, or the combination of all, it worked for me. 

After Ant shared his tastes, Al asked me what does it for me. It wasn't easy to answer. It really took some time to think, To see what is really my thing. I like the flirting, I enjoy being groped by men and women. ultimately I "get off" on the knowledge that I turn someone on, and I can tell by the looks they give, words they say or touch. just knowing it is a turn on.. it lives in my thoughts and satisfies me. I savor it, and there is no obligation. So, its really not about any action. nor is it a type like brunette. its really about how I feel around someone and if I think its sincere. I like to feel sexy. I struggle with it, because I feel that it may be misunderstood as who the hell am I or I worry about how I may come across to others.... Then I see the two of you, sexy as hell, and don't give a fuck about how other perceive it. And it makes sense. (Not my chair, not my problem! HA HA) Its their problem if they are uncomfortable. So its good to know that feeling that way is not an infringement on others. 

You guys and your friends created a safe place for us to all have different likes, preferences and boundaries and still be fun and respectful. I have always been ashamed of admitting to submission. But its me. I like to do want some wants, the way they want it, when they want it. I enjoy it. (To an extent, as we discussed.) This weekend was the first time I really admitted that I would do basically whatever Ant wants me to do( within my good judgment), and it was ok. No one judged, and I felt that I could just go with it and we had a great time! All weekend!! 

I must say that your life intoxicates me. I am seduced by it. The idea of feeling good and everyone else feeling good around you without defenses, is addicting. 

My favorite parts of the weekend were the times we got to talk. (I loved the partying too!) But there is such openness and a depth I felt when we (plural) talk that in my head is only explained by stating that my soul was touched. 

As to our trip, well lets recap.....

We hung out with two of our closest friends, partied, slept, relaxed, drank. I realized that I have an obsession with sucking when I drink, I kissed a girl although it wasn’t a real go-with and I entered the threshold a new fetish! No bad for a few days! 

As for Ant:

He got to do what he loves, electric work, play with power tools, hang out, play with the dogs, get laid, watch me kiss a girl, fuck my ass (briefly) and saw an ATM in a new light...lol

I love youse!

Xoxo, Day

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