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Friday, October 10, 2008

Seether & Staind Concert

Last night a bunch of us went to see the Papa Roach, Seether & Staind concert...which rocked! Well, all except for Papa Roach...I am not really a fan of them. One of the best parts of the concert was when Seether did a cover song- Nutshell by Alice in Chains....amazing song and they totally nailed it!

So, we were with awesome friends, had great seats & everything was perfect until I injured myself :-( God damn me and my klutziness. Here's what happened.....

During intermission we all wanted to grab some more drinks & the only way for us to do that was to go to the main level by using the elevator, which had a verrrrry long line. Of course when its intermission- its a total mob scene...

So, I am walking arm in arm with my GF Alex (who is just as daring as I am) and I see an esculator - going up - not down. So, I say "hey lets try and run the wrong way down the esculator"....**alcohol clouds my judgement** ......she agrees and there we go running...lol Now since the steps were moving up -not down-...you have to run really fast or else you will go no where. I was doing great until someone screams out - "Run Forest Run"....OMG I started laughing so hard and lost complete control of what I was doing.....and down I went....lol

I thought I had sprained my ankle but when I woke up this morning....its not my ankle that hurts and its not swollen. Instead, its the top of my foot that is swollen and sore. I cant put full pressure on it...so I am sorta limping a bit.

What the HELL is wrong with my brain??!!!  Now once again I can't workout out and I am so pissed off at myself for it. First, I tore my chest muscle and couldn't workout for a while...finally that is almost fully healed ...and then I go and mess my foot up********sigh :-? From now on....while drinking, I really need to be supervised...lol

On another note.....

I had alot of fun the members only show this week and an amaZing orgasm...good stuff! I think I am going to rename our weekly members only masturbations hows to ---- "play or playtime show", one of those....or can ya think of a better name?

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