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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweenie everyone!! I had fun last night in my cam show...hope you liked my cheerleader outfit ;)

I got lots of great emails about last nights show....and I also know that many of you missed it, because of the early show time....so, I decided to switch updates today - and post the Halloween archive...Enjoy!

Make sure you eat lots and lots of candy today!  I have been eating all the candy that I bought for the trick or treaters...I may have to go out and get more... :lol:

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a great time with Idelsy last night in our live show!!!  I really hope you all enjoyed it as well ;)  The only crappy part was me feeling a bit under-the-weather ;(  I have a bad head cold, which sucks....I am completely congested...BAH

Other than that, everything was great and we will definitely be doing more shows together!!  I will be posting the archived video this Friday.

On another note........My girlfriend who was just here visiting from NY, sent me this email the other day. I am so flattered by it....I have permission to share......

I had a few revelations this weekend. 

First off... your house is like camp Sex! its hard to articulate but if a house could make you feel sexy; its yours. whether its your house, your attitudes, the idea of being watched, my newfound connection with ant, or the combination of all, it worked for me. 

After Ant shared his tastes, Al asked me what does it for me. It wasn't easy to answer. It really took some time to think, To see what is really my thing. I like the flirting, I enjoy being groped by men and women. ultimately I "get off" on the knowledge that I turn someone on, and I can tell by the looks they give, words they say or touch. just knowing it is a turn on.. it lives in my thoughts and satisfies me. I savor it, and there is no obligation. So, its really not about any action. nor is it a type like brunette. its really about how I feel around someone and if I think its sincere. I like to feel sexy. I struggle with it, because I feel that it may be misunderstood as who the hell am I or I worry about how I may come across to others.... Then I see the two of you, sexy as hell, and don't give a fuck about how other perceive it. And it makes sense. (Not my chair, not my problem! HA HA) Its their problem if they are uncomfortable. So its good to know that feeling that way is not an infringement on others. 

You guys and your friends created a safe place for us to all have different likes, preferences and boundaries and still be fun and respectful. I have always been ashamed of admitting to submission. But its me. I like to do want some wants, the way they want it, when they want it. I enjoy it. (To an extent, as we discussed.) This weekend was the first time I really admitted that I would do basically whatever Ant wants me to do( within my good judgment), and it was ok. No one judged, and I felt that I could just go with it and we had a great time! All weekend!! 

I must say that your life intoxicates me. I am seduced by it. The idea of feeling good and everyone else feeling good around you without defenses, is addicting. 

My favorite parts of the weekend were the times we got to talk. (I loved the partying too!) But there is such openness and a depth I felt when we (plural) talk that in my head is only explained by stating that my soul was touched. 

As to our trip, well lets recap.....

We hung out with two of our closest friends, partied, slept, relaxed, drank. I realized that I have an obsession with sucking when I drink, I kissed a girl although it wasn’t a real go-with and I entered the threshold a new fetish! No bad for a few days! 

As for Ant:

He got to do what he loves, electric work, play with power tools, hang out, play with the dogs, get laid, watch me kiss a girl, fuck my ass (briefly) and saw an ATM in a new light...lol

I love youse!

Xoxo, Day

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Times

What a great weekend!!!  I love when my friends come to visit....I just hate when they have to leave :-(

Our weekend was filled with partying, partying and more partying.....lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of sex talk...lol  Everytime any of my friends come to visit, they all seem to talk about how they feel strong sexual vibes when they are staying at our home...lol..I think its pretty funny....can't help it...we exude sexuality...haha

Today I feel like I'm in a fog, I just can't seem to snap outta it....I think its the lack of sleep I've had this weekend...*yawn*   Here are some pic from this weekend.....

On another note...I can't wait for tomorrow night's show with Idelsy!!  It's been a while since her and I have hung out...and I miss her....so this will be FUN...I can't wait! See you there!!!!

Ooohhhhhh one more thing......I know you all enjoy teasing me and my NY slang....especially when I say "yous".  Well....I did some research and.....yous (proper spelling- youse) is technically a real word in the dictionary, used in old english.  HA HA! Most dictionaries have taken it out.....however it still is a real word!!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Seether & Staind Concert

Last night a bunch of us went to see the Papa Roach, Seether & Staind concert...which rocked! Well, all except for Papa Roach...I am not really a fan of them. One of the best parts of the concert was when Seether did a cover song- Nutshell by Alice in Chains....amazing song and they totally nailed it!

So, we were with awesome friends, had great seats & everything was perfect until I injured myself :-( God damn me and my klutziness. Here's what happened.....

During intermission we all wanted to grab some more drinks & the only way for us to do that was to go to the main level by using the elevator, which had a verrrrry long line. Of course when its intermission- its a total mob scene...

So, I am walking arm in arm with my GF Alex (who is just as daring as I am) and I see an esculator - going up - not down. So, I say "hey lets try and run the wrong way down the esculator"....**alcohol clouds my judgement** ......she agrees and there we go running...lol Now since the steps were moving up -not down-...you have to run really fast or else you will go no where. I was doing great until someone screams out - "Run Forest Run"....OMG I started laughing so hard and lost complete control of what I was doing.....and down I went....lol

I thought I had sprained my ankle but when I woke up this morning....its not my ankle that hurts and its not swollen. Instead, its the top of my foot that is swollen and sore. I cant put full pressure on it...so I am sorta limping a bit.

What the HELL is wrong with my brain??!!!  Now once again I can't workout out and I am so pissed off at myself for it. First, I tore my chest muscle and couldn't workout for a while...finally that is almost fully healed ...and then I go and mess my foot up********sigh :-? From now on....while drinking, I really need to be supervised...lol

On another note.....

I had alot of fun the members only show this week and an amaZing orgasm...good stuff! I think I am going to rename our weekly members only masturbations hows to ---- "play or playtime show", one of those....or can ya think of a better name?

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

50 Random Questions

1. What time did you get up this morning? 8am

2. Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds

3. What was the first film you saw at the cinema? Don't remember

4. What is your favorite animal? Dogs

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Coffee

6. Something sexual that really turns you on? Kissing

7. What food do you dislike? Anything Spicy

8. Do you give good BlowJobs? I believe so

9. Something most people don't know about you? I'm a hypochondriac

10. Favorite sandwich? Italian sub

11. What would you spend your last dime on? Makeup and Christmas decorations

12. What characteristic do you dislike in people? back stabbers, pretnetious, and ppl who do shit behind your back cause they are too much of a pussy to do it to your face

13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation right now, where would you go? Italy

14. Something you wear most? Tank tops

15. Do you think you are a good kisser? Yes

16. Something you enjoy during sex? Having my hair pulled, dirty talk

17. Do you excersice? Alot

18. Are you a mean or happy drunk? Happy &Hyper ;)

19. How many men have you been with at once? 2 Women? 5

20. How many tattoos do you have? 9....so far

21. Are you a morning person or a night person? I'm an all day person

22. What is your fetish? Roleplaying and Facials

23. Are you comfortable with your sexuality? Very comfortable

24. Are you horny alot? all the friggin time

25. If you could have one superpower you dont have right now, what would it be? To read peoples minds

26. Besides sex, what really floats your boat? Biking, chillin w/ friends, family or my dogs,
watching funny movies, any kind of "sporty" outdoor activities, shopping, the range, partying, electronics, the beach, cleaning

27. What is your favorite candy? Starburst

28. What is the easiest way to your heart? when it comes to my heart...there is no easy way

29. How do you feel about anal sex? over-rated

30. What types of people do you surround yourself with? Fun, happy, real, trust-worthy, open, down to earth - no drama people.

31. Random things that turn you on? good kissers, big-soft lips, low-hanging balls, dirty talk, watching men JO, flat-toned bellys, thick bootys, sexual anticipation

32. What was the last thing you ate? grilled chix salad

33. Current book you are reading? Taming Chaos

34. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black

35. How is the weather right now? perfect

36. Do you fuck your friends? Not all...but some ;)~~~

37. Something sexual you hate? having my ears licked...grosses me out!

38. Who was your first woman crush, how old were you & what turned you on? Janine Lindemulder.I was 19 and it was the first G/G porno I ever watched. I just fell for her...beauty, tattoos, insane body, sexy & dominant ;)

39. Real hair color? Dark Brown

40. What was your favorite movie as a child? Annie

41. Do you have sex on the first date? If it is just for fun and the mood is right, then yes. If I am serious about you then, No.

42. Can you count on 2 hands how many men you have slept with? Woman? Men, yes. woman, no.

43. If money was no issue then what would you do with your time other than work? volunteer at an animal shelter, cook more, travel, spend more time with friends and family, party more, learn to ride horses

44. Favorite day of the week? Saturday

45. Do you make friends easily? sometimes

46. Do you have Tattoos? If so how many? Yes, 8...so far

47. Besides people or animals, what are 3 things you can't live without? my computer, cheese & coffee

48. Does size matter? It's not as important as most men think it is....but I gotta be able to feel it - just know how to use it!

49. Heels or sneakers? heels

50. Sexy & sweet or dark & rough? I can be both ;)

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