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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Birthday Party

What a weekend...I am exhausted! I had my Birthday Party!! Its not my actual birthday yet but I did have my party Saturday night, and it was a blast...I had so much fun! I wanted to have a college themed pool party. Where we had a keg, funneling, keg stands, and all the famous beer games (ie: quarters, asshole, etc.)......the only difference was my beer games had nudity involved...lol

So, all my friends came dressed in something school-like or bikinis and we partied the night away. It was alot of fun and I now know, that I totally suck at keg stands...lol I think I lasted 2 seconds :p

Since we also had a ton of hard liquor and jello shots going around....we didn't actually finish the keg on Saturday night. So Sunday our mission was to finish it...lol
DJ and JZ came in town for my party, which made me really happy because I haven't seen my girl in a while ;( They slept over and then a few more friends came back on Sun., and we all partied again.

The whole weekend was awesome and the weather held up which I was really happy about since it has been raining so much latley. I have a ton of pictures and video to go through....I can't wait to show all of you!!!

Other than that we are having A/C issues....it seems to be working on and off....which is NOT good considering its like 98 degrees out, with about 100% humidity. We had our AC guy come and take a look at it, and he is trying to figure out what it is....we may need a whole new unit or it may just be the fan...who knows, all I know is that I am hot and sticky and it sucks! I am hoping that we can resolve the issue this week!! With that said, I may re-schedule my live show tonight....if my a/c is not working at the time....I will not be a happy camper. :x

Ps....Hope you enjoy the funny little clip above of me and DJ lol... You must be a member of my site to view it.

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