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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another B-Day Celebration!!!

Did you miss me? I missed you ;) Let me start by saying that I am exhausted....completely wiped!

So as I said in my previous VBlog...for my birthday, I went away for a couple days to an island in Florida....it was so nice, the weather was great.....we relaxed and partied. We ended coming back earlier than I expected because, something came up with my dog sitter so, we had to come back for the pups....little did I know that was a fib! When I got home there was a big surprise waiting for me.......my entire family was here at my house....they all flew in to celebrate my birthday with me!! I couldn't believe it, I had NO idea!!!! Needless to say, I was beyond excited....so happy that I was literally crying :D I am still shocked that they all pulled this off without me knowing, especially my sister with her big mouth....lol

The rest of the week was just one big celebration.....my house was packed with everyone...it was chaotic but priceless. I could not have asked for a better birthday! 
I have had 3 cakes for my birthday in the last 2 weeks and I can't believe that I am saying this but.....I am actually tired of partying...lol

Today everyone left and now I need to situate myself, get my mind back on track, and catch up on some sleep.

Also, I must say you guys and gals are AWESOME!! I am so flattered and grateful for all the emails, e-cards, and gifts that I recieved from you. Thank you so very much for making my B-Day so special!

Other than that.....we have a Hurricane in the works....Hurricane Fay :( I honestly don't know if it is going to hit us straight on, everytime I watch the Weather Channel it keeps shifting its path. They are saying it will either be a Cat 1 Hurricane or we will just get a Tropical Storm if it moves away from us.

If you all remember a couple years ago, Florida got hit with Hurricane Wilma, which was only suppose to be a Tropical Storm but turned into a Cat 2 at the last minute......it did lots of damage and we lost power for 2 weeks. Lets hope that is not the case this time! So today I went out and got some supplies and gas for the generator just to be on the safe side. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

I hope you all enjoyed Kira's (DigitalBombshell) update! Stay tuned for her video interview! Also, check the schedule because I had re-scheduled my live show for Tuesday night.


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