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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naughty Weekend

I know you naughty boys are anxious to hear how my weekend went......it was great! Diamond and her hubby arrived Friday and spent the night. I am happy that DJ and I finally got to shoot together...it was really HOT...wait till you guys see the video!! I will have it all posted on the site soon enough. I pretty much devoured her cooch all day and night cause it just tasted so damn good!! Jealous?? Ya should be ;)

We also shot her for DigitalBombshells...I hope you all enjoyed the "sneak peak" of it on my Spy cam...he he Her interview video for DB is really funny....she was a little nervous before we shot it cause I gave her NO warning but I really don't like giving any notice to the interview video cause I want the models "real" reaction to my questions....I don't want anything rehearsed. She did great.....after the first question she was totally relaxed and pretty funny.

Later on that night we pulled out the alcohol and things got wild.....I took out the "Lexi Cam" too! DJ was giving us all lap dances to her latin music...lmao...really it was hysterical. All in all I had a great time with them...I think we all get along really well and I can't wait to shoot again with her.....which will be very soon!

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