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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bye bye wisdom teeth

I did it.....I finally pulled all four of my wisdom teeth. I was only going to do 2 teeth but I knew all 4 had to be pulled, and I would never bring myself to do it again so I went with all of them. I was scared as hell so, I took a zanax to calm me down and I brought my Ipod along with me. I was doing well until I saw the long needle coming towards my mouth...then I panicked and they had to calm me down...lol It was defiantly uncomfortable and alot of pressure but besides the needle going in my mouth to numb it....I didn't feel any pain. All of you were right.....the unknown was scarier then the actual procedure.

Above is a cellphone pic of me yesterday with all the gauze stuffed in my mouth....sexy isn't it....lmao I'm ok today, my doc gave me some good meds so I don't really feel any pain.....I just feel a little loopy...lol The only crappy thing is my face is starting to swell on both sides.... so I have been putting an ice pack on it to help bring the swelling down.

Thanks for all the emails, e-cards and forum posts....you are all so good to me and I appreciate it!



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