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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bye bye wisdom teeth

I did it.....I finally pulled all four of my wisdom teeth. I was only going to do 2 teeth but I knew all 4 had to be pulled, and I would never bring myself to do it again so I went with all of them. I was scared as hell so, I took a zanax to calm me down and I brought my Ipod along with me. I was doing well until I saw the long needle coming towards my mouth...then I panicked and they had to calm me down...lol It was defiantly uncomfortable and alot of pressure but besides the needle going in my mouth to numb it....I didn't feel any pain. All of you were right.....the unknown was scarier then the actual procedure.

Above is a cellphone pic of me yesterday with all the gauze stuffed in my mouth....sexy isn't it....lmao I'm ok today, my doc gave me some good meds so I don't really feel any pain.....I just feel a little loopy...lol The only crappy thing is my face is starting to swell on both sides.... so I have been putting an ice pack on it to help bring the swelling down.

Thanks for all the emails, e-cards and forum posts....you are all so good to me and I appreciate it!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Meet Clea and Cupcake

I got bunnies!! They are 2 girls and about 6 months old. Al brought them home for me...he rescued them. Their owner moved away and didn't want them anymore, and they were at risk of someone taking them as feeders to snakes...uggghhh....how could you feed these cute bunnies to snakes!!!! They now live in a bunny hutch in my garage. They can't come in the house cause Zeus thinks they are treats for him ;(

Clea - is a Himalayan bunny....she is sweet but an absolute maniac! Basically she is like Zeus but in a bunny....lol She seems to be the dominant one out of them both. She jumps all over me, she literally picks up her food bowl and flips it up-side-down (throwing her food everywhere), she flings her toys all over with her mouth....she's crazy! OMG......I have a pen for them to run around in when I take them out of their hutch....I usually leave them in there for hours. The other day, friggin Clea found a way to jump the gate and I literally chased her for about 35 mins around my gargae....bitch is fast....lol I named her Clea, short for Cleopatra...for obvious reasons.

Cupcake is a Lion-head Floppy eared bunny. She is the sweetest and most gentle bunny ever. I love her ears so much...thye are so big floppy ears...lol She is the total opposite of Clea.
She eats so gently from my hand, loves when I rub her head.....she's just the perfect little bunny ;)


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

I can't believe it is 2008 already!! I am so grateful to be alive and well for another year, another chapter in my life. I am excited for 2008...I feel its gonna be a good one! I thank you all so so much for not only being members of my site, but for being apart of my life and for supporting me! I hope all of you had a great New Years celebration, and I wish you all only the best in 2008!

Last night was a great night....I was surrounded by great friends & naked woman at my favorite strip club....ha ha Then after midnight we all went to a bar where this awesome band was playing.........we partied till 3:30am and then I was gonna drop...toooo much alcohol...lol

I will catch you up on more (my new bunnies) in another blog...right now I am heading back to my couch for the rest of the day...I'm in recovery mode...lol

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