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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I want a Giraffe

I hope you all enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Mine was good and I had a great time with all of you in my live show on Memorial Day ;)

Last week I had my best friend Jill in town for 4 days and we had so much fun. I miss her so much, I hate that we don't live down the block from each other like we used to growing up. I know I know...I say the same thing every time after seeing her but I can't help it, she is like my other sister. We actually didn't party at all while she was here cause she is pregnant for the first time...so exciting! Instead we did alot of shopping, went out to eat, watched girlie movies and went to the zoo. I love the zoo and I got to feed a giraffe for the first time. They have the most beautiful big eyes....so pretty. Oh and one of the movies we watched was "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz & Jude Law. It was such a great movie, a total chick flick but a must see! After watching that movie, I am now in love with Jude Law ;)

Then right after Jill left, my brother, sister-in-law and niece came into town. So, I got to spend sometime with them and my niece
who I just adore. So, it was a good, relaxing but yet busy week.

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