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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Lexi Lapetina
Hello everyone :) I know I haven't been around as much and its been a while since my last blog post. I've just been a busy girl...lots of good things going on in my life.

For one....I'm ENGAGED!! I'm ENGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAED!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited, can you tell...ha ha We're both thrilled about it :D
Lexi Lapetina
I've been busy working on a new project....non porn related. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now....so I'm excited about it :)
I also traveling a bit the past month.....First we were in Costa Rica. My cousin goes there all the time & has a bunch of friends there so he's has been wanting us to go with him. It was my first time being in a third world country. I got to see the slums of it and I got to see the beautiful parts of it. CR really has gorgeous views! The mountains are breath taking! We partied, did some trout fishing, went zip lining 400ft above the rain forest. Holy crap it was amazing but scary at the same time. Your flying through these zip lines...some at 50mph...whoo my stomach turned couple times just praying those lines weren't gonna snap lol
We also went to the Volcano's....that was so friggin cool to see close up! So, we actually had a really great time there and met alot of really cool people who I've kept in contact with for our next trip ;)

Lexi Lapetina

Lexi Lapetina

Then last week we went on a cruise and headed to Mexico with a bunch of our good friends. OMG it was insane, we had such a blast! Went to some wild parties, pool parties on the ship, had my Corona's in Mexico, shopped and just enjoyed our time with great friends.
Lexi Lapetina

Lexi Lapetina

Lexi Lapetina
OOHHH and we got two puppies!!! I actually can't believe I got more dogs. After my last 2 dogs died I was completely heart broken.....still to this day I can't look at Zeus & Skully's pictures to long or I'll cry. I was convinced I would never get a dog again cause I didn't want to ever deal with that heartbreak again. Its like... I didn't want anymore dogs but yet I love dogs and love having them. So anyway...my fiance started showing me pix of the Peruivan Inca Orchid Hairless breed....yes we are all about the hairless breeds lol So I fell in love...we found an awesome breeder and picked out our pup....1 pup until the breeder convinced me to take both. ggrrrrr My pup was 2 weeks old when I picked him out but had to wait until he was 12 weeks old to get him. During that time, the breeder and I spoke frequently...she realized what a big animal lover I was and how great of a life the pup would have with us... and asked if we would consider taking one of his sisters as well.
Apparently they were inseparable. To the point where the breeder really didn't want to separate them. Zeus & Skully were brothers and I had them both as babies. I denied it at first for a few reasons but eventually gave in because I felt bad to separate them. So here I am again...potty training to little puppies...seriously I'm nuts lol
Lexi Lapetina
I've only had them a few days so far but I just LOVE them so much..they are so friggin cute! My girl's (orange mohawk) name is Guenhwyvar (Gwen-a-var) Gwenie for short and my little boys name is Drizzt (Drist). I love there names! We named them after two characters in my fiances favorite books written by R.A Salvatore. Both there parents are beautiful...champion show dogs and about 60pds....so they
should make beautiful adults!

Lexi Lapetina

Lexi Lapetina

Lexi Lapetina
Other than that...its my favorite time of year again!!!! WOOHHHOOOOO I am SO excited! Let the Christmas music begin lol I hope everyone has a great turkey day! I'll be spending mine with family...eating till I can't breathe lol


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost Friday :)

Lexi Lapetina
This week has flown by for me...can't believe the weekend is almost here again.Last weekend was great...Friday and Saturday night. Both nights I got to hangout with great friends and had a blast!
This week I have been running around,taking care of a bunch of things. The weather has been absolutly beautiful here! One thing I love about Florida is the winters.....they really are just perfect! This whole week has been about 75-80, cool with the sun shining. The winters get even cooler :) Perfect weather to hit the trails on my bike!!!
Lexi Lapetina
I did get to go pumpkin picking with my Muffin :) We got a whole bunch of pumpkins and
carved them up with the boys and made some realllly yummy pumpkin seeds.
Lexi Lapetina & Muffin Pumpkin Picking
Other than that....I will be posting a new gallery this coming week for Members...stay tuned & have a fab weekend xoxox


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John Mayer again :)

John Mayer Concert

I went to another John Mayer concert. We had hit another one of his shows last year.... in the beginning of his18 month tour. LOVE John Mayer!! This show of his blew us away..even better than his last...simply amazing. He is so talented.....the musicians he had on stage doing solo's were SO talented as well! He did an old Jimi Hendrix cover....nailed it and then did a 20 min guitar solo of Hendrix....I was blown away. From start to finish the show was just amazing and we had such awesome seats as well....so happy I got to see his last show of this tour!

Other than that I did some shooting last week for my site *evil grin* ;)))I can't wait to get the content!
I hung out with some good friends this past weekend....fun times.
OHHH and can't forget about my stupid cat bite....gggrrrr I'm sure most of you read that on my twitter, I got bit by a cat (not my sweet kitties)...the bite was pretty bad. I had to go and get Xrays...thankfully the bite did not go to my bone....though it did crush alot of my tissue and get infected....it hurt like hell! I had no idea how dangerous a cat bite could be...doc explained it all.. Apparently the salivia & bacteria from a cats mouth is exteremly dangerous....so if you ever get bit by a cat....you need to get on antibiotics right away to kill any infection. I was put on antibiotics
for a week....specific for bites. UGH I hate these antibiotics...they are like horse pills and they're so strong. I dred taking them twice a day...every time I take them, I get sick....and I even eat a full mean before I take them. ughhhh nausea and a bad stomach ache...and just when I start to feel better....I have to take the next pill grrrrr. I cant wait till I am done with them....thankfully I only a few more days left.

Anyhoo...have a great day everyone and I hope you are enjoying the latest video I posted of my gf Kendra & I. If you are not already a member of my site then hurry up & CLICK HERE to join now and watch all my naughty videos!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Lexi Lapetina & Muffin
I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend :) Mine was great...started off the weekend celebrating with my
Lis & then spent the rest of the weekend at BBQ's & parties...I'm still so exhausted.

Other than that.....I've been looking through books and books of fabric because I'm having this awesome company decorate our house with drapes/curtains. These kinda things make me happy and a home warm :) and......
I've been dealing with 2 sick kitties :(
One of them was sickies....then passed it to the other one. I hate seeing them sneezing and sluggish...makes me SO sad. They have been on antibiotics for the past 2 days and already feeling much better. Running around the house & causing chaos :)
That's it for now...enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Lexi & Kendra :)

Here are a few "tame" pix from my latest gallery with my sexy redheaded gf Kendra James :) Enjoy and have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Lexi Lapetina & Kendra James

Lexi Lapetina & Kendra James

Lexi Lapetina & Kendra JamesLexi Lapetina & Kendra James

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Palm Island

Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
So my honey decided to surprise me with a romantic weekend getaway to Little Palm Island. He rocks! Let me tell you...romantic is an understatement....this place is a little slice of heaven. Although the island isn't that big...you hardly ever see any other couples. It was almost like we had this whole big island to ourselves!
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
The weather was georgous...did some boating, kajaking....drank cocktails while lounging in the beautiful water aahhhhh...I loved it!! Actually...I wish I was back there right now :(
Lexi Lapetina - Little Palm Island
The island had so many Key Deer on it. First time I've seen these deers...they are about the size of a 40pd dog. They swim over daily from the other islands to hang out...or to be fed lol So cute & friendly...they let us hand feed them and pet them. I really wanted to bring one home with me!!

The food on the island was amazing. We had the experience of having dinner in the kitchen one night with the chefs. We watched them prepare us a 7 course meal....of the chefs favorite dishes.. OMG it was so delicious...I couldn't breathe I was so stuffed!
So to sum up my weekend...it was PERFECT and if you haven't been to Little Palm Island...then you need to go!

On another note...see you members in my live show tomorrow :) xoxo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Celebration :)

Lexi Lapetina Birthday
So I told you I like to celebrate my birthday for a couple weeks...he he This past weekend was a blast...we threw a party at home with our favorite friends. Good food, drinks, great people,yummmmmy b-day cake....it was a great time! I heart my friends so so much and I was thrilled that DJ & Janessa Brazil were able to come in town and spent the weekend....I miss those girls SO much!
Lexi Lapetina Birthday
These past 2 weeks of birthday partying have me exhausted. Now that my b-day celebrating is officially over.....I think I need to sleep for a few days to recover lol I hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week :)

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